The Art of Rebounding Without Letting The Basketball Slip Through The Fingers

There is simply no way for you to become a championship caliber team and being amongst the best basketball players without being able to dominate the backboard. In every game, the team that controls the backboard is usually very likely to win. This is because more rebounds will lead to more possessions, which then leads to second chance scoring. Normally, the team with the most second chance scoring win the game.

Rebounding is so important that every member of a team has to learn how to do it effectively, regardless of their position. This is because all players ought to form the habit of attempting to grab the rebound after either a defensive or an offensive shot is made. Players must always assume that that shot will be missed. This is why it is important for every team to have five rebounders at all times.

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Floor positioning

In order to be a great rebounder, you need to establish a great floor position when you are attempting to grab a rebound. This means that you try and fight for the inside position where you are closer to the hoop than the opponent. This counts for whether it is defensive or offensive.

Grabbing the rebound

Once you establish the inside position, the best way to grab a rebound is simply by leaping straight into the air with great power using both feet. You should have your legs apart and try to grab the ball with both hands and once you grab it, bring it in front of you and not on top of the head. This will keep the opponent away from you and will prevent them from grabbing or smacking the ball from you as you come down.

Catching all rebounds will allow the team to maintain possession of the ball.

Protecting the ball after a rebound

Grabbing the ball and regaining possession is not enough because you have to protect the ball as well. As you grab a rebound, there are opponents surrounding you ready to take the ball from you so you need to be very alert.

Once you land with the ball, chin the basketball with the elbows out gripping the ball very tightly. Try not to swing your elbows to bat the opponents away because this will lead to a foul violation. You should pivot away from them without releasing the ball immediately.

Keep your head up so you can analyze the court to see if you have an open teammate that can lead a fast break for an easy score.


There it is, that is all there is to becoming a great re-bounder. The best basketball players are very good at this and you need to practice if you want to be good as well.

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