Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis or Flat Feet Reviews

The people, who are having the Flat feet syndrome, always face problems while choosing the best shoes. There only few shoe brands that are manufacturing the boots for the people with Plantar Fasciitis. If you are a person with Plantar Fasciitis or the Flat Feet syndrome, then you know the pain of wearing the standard shoes or sandals for day-to-day work. If you are a basketball player and have the Plantar Fasciitis, then it’ll be pretty hard for you to purchase the best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet syndrome. Well, worry not. We are listing and reviewing some of the best Basketball Shoes for the Plantar Fasciitis, which you can purchase and get comfortable and cozy wearing these shoes.


How to Choose Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis


  • Comfort


The comfort should be the main priority of any Flat footer before choosing the best basketball shoe. If the shoe is not comfortable for you, then there is no sense choosing that shoe as a shoe for plantar fasciitis.


  • Breathability


The upper part of the shoe should be made with the breathable material. If the upper part is not made with breathable material, then your feet will smell like hell. It’s pretty uncomfortable for you to have sweaty shoes while playing a Basketball match.


  • Durability


As you are spending money on specialized Basketball shoes for plantar fasciitis, you want them to serve you longer. Well, that’s where the durability comes in. Make sure the shoes you are shortlisting are made with the durable material.


  • Reviews


Most of our decisions are based on the opinions from other people. In this case, where you don’t much knowledge about the Plantar Fasciitis shoes, it’s better to search for Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews on the internet.



Best Basketball Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis or Flat Feet Reviews


  • Adidas D Rose 6 Foot PrimeKnit
  • Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static
  • Air Jordan XX9 Low
  • Nike Kobe 8 System
  • Nike Men’s KD8 Basketball Shoes



Adidas D Rose 6 Foot PrimeKnit


The Adidas D Rose 6 Foot PrimeKnit Basketball Shoes are the best for anyone who has the Flat foot. Well, If you are looking for the utmost comfort, then this is the bests shoe on your feet. The Adidas D Rose 6 Foot PrimeKnit Basketball shoe is made with the soft and thick material, that gives proper breathing space for your feet and also provides the comfort. If you are not comfortable with the tight shoes which suffocate your feet, then this is the best one as the high-quality material is soft and not tight at all.


As this shoe is made explicitly for the people with flat feet, the sole base of this shoe is flat. The BOOST Sole Base is soft and comforting, and its StableFrame technology gives the best midfoot support.


With the Adidas D Rose 6 Foot PrimeKnit shoes, the people with Plantar Fasciitis will not have to compromise with the comfortability. In my opinion, this is the best basketball shoe for Plantar Fasciitis in 2018, that’s why this shoe is top on this list.




  • Boost Cushioning – very comfortable
  • Fantastic support for Flat Footers
  • PrimeKnit Upper part for additional comfort




  • Strap lacing – Not so tight.
  • Attracts lots of dirt while playing outdoors.




Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static


The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static Basketball shoe is one of the most technically advanced shoes made by the company. This shoe comes with the technological innovations like TORSION SYSTEM, BOUNCE and SprintFrame.


The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static shoe comes with the BOUNCE padding. The padding is very much soft on your feet and provides unmatched stability to your feets, making the overall experience more than comfortable.  The sole of this shoe is made of the Continental Rubber. It makes the shoe more flexible than the others.


The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static is the best shoes for the people with Flat feet or plantar fasciitis. The tightly woven shoe with the TORSION System and other innovative technologies make this shoe a perfect for anyone who has flat feet and wants to play basketball.




  • BOUNCE Padding for extra comfort for your feet
  • Continental Rubber used for Flexible sole.
  • TORSION System provides great support for Flat Feets




  • Attracts Lots of Dirt while playing outdoors
  • Upper Part is soft but feels plasticky




Air Jordan XX9 Low


The third contestant on the list of Best shoes for Plantar Fasciitis is the Air Jordan XX9 Low from Nike. Just like the Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static shoe, the Air Jordan XX9 low comes with the bunch of technological innovations, which makes it one of the best basketball shoes for Flat Feet.


The Air Jordan XX9 Low gets most of its support from the FlightPlate System, which is the bridge between the heel and forefoot areas. Also, the ZOOM AIR cushioning makes the shoe more comfortable for long time use. Along With the ZOOM AIR cushioning and the FlightPlate system, the Nike has used the FlightWeb system. The FlightWeb system is the technology for the upper part of the shoe, making it stronger and breathable for your feet.


With the proper stitching and breathable material used in making of this shoe, the flat footers will not feel restricted or uncomfortable wearing this shoe for their basketball practice.




  • FlightPlate System provides the necessary support for Flat Footers.
  • High Quality Upper Part Woven with FlightWeb System.




  • Just like all other shoes, this is a dust magnet.
  • The Shoe Cushioning takes 3-5 days to adjust with shape of your feet.


Nike Kobe 8 System


If you are interested in trying out Nike’s iconic LunarLon technology, which is used in making the soft sole cushioning for ultimate comfort for people with plantar fasciitis, then you should not miss checking out the Nike Kobe 8 System Basketball shoe for Plantar Fasciitis. The LunarLon technology is focused on distributing the force on all parts of feet equally.


The Carbon Fiber shank, Heel counter, and the soft cushioning makes it the best basketball shoe for flat footers. Also, the Nike Kobe 8 is considered as the lightest basketball shoe ever made by any company.


The upper part of the Nike Kobe 8 System Basketball shoe is made with the Fuse mesh, which provides the ultimate comfort, as the material used is very much breathable. The Upper Fuse Light Mesh provides the additional support to your feet and also adds durability to the shoe.




  • Lightweight and highly comfortable
  • Exceptional Fitting for every size
  • Soft sole cushioning for exceptional comfort




  • The inner sole is little bit itchy and not comfortable
  • Makes squeaky sounds when playing on plain basketball court


Nike Men’s KD 8 Basketball Shoes


The Nike Men’s KD 8 is also a famous Basketball shoe for flat footers. The Nike Men’s KD 8 shoe is made with the all of Nike’s technologies, which helps them make the best shoes.


The upper segment of this shoe is made up of the plastic. This shoe has full-length ZOOM AIR cushioning, in which forefoot is isolated from the rear area. The Tall people like the basketball players need the shoe, which will help their movement correctly and the Nike Men’s KD 8 Basketball shoe helps them a lot.


As the sole of this shoe made with the Zoom Air cushioning, we can guarantee that the shoe is giving the best support for flat footers for the outdoor and indoor activity. The upper segment made of the plastic, but it’s woven with the help of Nike’s FlyWeave technology. The delicate threads of plastic woven together provide the strength and support to flat feets.




  • Excellent ZOOM Air cushioning provides necessary comfort.
  • Upper Segment woven with FlyWeave Technology.
  • Plastic Threads used in Upper Part for strength and durability.




  • The Upper Part made from plastic threads feel little plasticky and uncomfortable.


Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015 PrimeKnit


The Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015 PrimeKnit is one of the older shoes than all of the listed ones. But, still the best shoe for Flat Footer basketball players. This is the bonus addition in this Best Basketball Shoe for Plantar Fasciitis Reviews.


The Adidas CrazyLight Boost 2015 PrimeKnit shoe is made with the help of technologies like Boost, StableFrame and PrimeKnit. The Boost Sole is added to the heels section. The Boost Sole is the little bit hard in this shoe as it is from 2015. The Boost Sole is little disappointing, but the soft and comforting cushioning nullifies its negative points.


The StableFrame technology, which is responsible for the support and reliability of this shoe does its job perfectly. The inclusion of StableFrame technology while manufacturing this shoe adds extra support to the flat-footers and also the durability.


The best thing about this shoe is the upper part. The soft and comforting upper segment woven with the PrimeKnit technology. The top part is very smooth and makes this shoe considerable for the Basketball players with the flat foot or plantar fasciitis.




  • PrimeKnit technology used to weave the upper part of the shoe
  • Soft and comforting Cushioning for flat footers




  • Old shoe from 2015 – no new version available
  • BOOST Sole is stiff. Some people may find it irritating and uncomfortable


Final Words | Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Footers Reviews


Without shoes, you can’t participate in any sports. But, choosing the right shoes is always the problem for people with plantar fasciitis, especially those who play basketball. It is very hard to play basketball comfortably for flat footers. SO, it’s very important for Flat footers to wear the shoes that are specially designed for the Plantar Fasciitis. In this post, we covered all of the Basketball shoe reviews for Plantar Fasciitis or Flat Foot Disorder. If you want the best shoes for Flat footers, then you should choose any of the listed shoes.


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