The Best Outdoor Basketball

How do you find the right outdoor basketball? What is it that makes the best outdoor basketball ball and how do you tell the one that is best for your outdoor games? What features should you look for?

To begin with, quality is the most important aspect of an outdoor basketball or any other ball for that matter. It is actually more important for an outdoor basketball because it has a higher chance of wear and tear so it needs to be well made for the environment. Most outdoor courts are either made of asphalt or concrete and the rough surface requires a strong ball, otherwise, you might need to replace your ball very often.

best outdoor basketball

The material

The best basketball for your outdoor games needs to have an inner tubing, also known as a bladder wrapped in synthetic fibers in order to give it more elasticity. Without the fibers, the ball is not likely to last. The best ball is one made of rubber or durable synthetic composite; these materials offer the best grip even in dust and wet surfaces. You will appreciate a ball that sticks and offers you a maximum grip as you dribble. You also need a ball that you can adjust because only a well balanced ball can ensure most playing hours.


With a well balanced ball, it will be a lot easier to pass and shoot and make dunks and tricks easier as well. If you intend to buy a basketball it’s probably because you love to play, which is why you ought to invest in a quality ball that will not let you down.

A great street ball is compatible with all outdoor surfaces and all outdoor weathers. With a great outdoor basketball, you can also use it to play indoors with a decent performance. When you decide to make a switch, it is best you wipe the ball before you commence your game indoors. Ensure that the material you choose is not only durable but versatile as well.


The best basketball for outdoor games will cost you a lot less than an indoor leather ball since leather happens to be the most expensive material in all basketballs. Of course, leather is the best material used on basketball balls but leather is usually best preferred for indoor. For this reason, do not get a leather basketball for your outdoor games because it will not perform as well as they do indoors. Leather balls are simply not made for the outdoors.


Many shops will offer a wide range of the best brands in the market including Molten, Spading, Fiba, Nike and a lot more so you will have a lot to choose from. All you have to do, if you want the best basketball for outdoors, is to specifically buy one designed for outdoors.

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