Fantasy Basketball – The Do’s and Don’ts of Draft Picks

If you would like to join one of the best basketball fantasy leagues, you need to consider a few things before you decide on the players to draft on your team.

The DO’S

When it comes to most fantasy leagues, the commissioner is normally the one who decides the league's members that will draft their players and assigns keeper p-layers to all league members. In order to organize a successful draft, try and keep these details and tips in mind.

Do your homework

You will need to finds cheat sheets, perform mock drafts and if possible, get a draft kit for one of the reputable fantasy sports sites online.

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Check the league format

Check and double check the format of your league before you make are decisions on the players that will do best. This is because different league formats normally score players on different point scales. This means that the player value will very greatly. In addition to that, some of the league drafts have 10 or fewer player on the team while others come with the standard 12 to 15.

Know how to value the players

When it comes to a standard league, you should check the player pages as well as player depth charts so you can determine their value. On the other hand, in a custom league, you need to check the players that interest you then mock their score on previous season statistics with the scoring the league uses. This way, you will be able to determine whether their value increases or decreases from the average value rating.

Follow up

Follow up on the players with the most potential to move to the NBA. This way you will know who the “sleeper” players are.

Know the keepers and how to use them

If you have one of the best basketball leagues and are going in for the third or fourth season and your members have remained since you began, you can make it a keeper league.


Don’t pick all the number one players. First, you will upset the other league members and second, you will exceed the salary cap and won’t finish the draft. Find a variety of players from all rankings and a few sleeper players that don’t cost much.

Don’t take long to pick

You have to consider time restrictions for you and the others as well.

Don’t leave the team half through the season

Before you draft, you have to understand there are 85 games in a season. Dropping out mid-season means you will not complete and will have ruined the chance for other members to draft a better team. You can try to play for a weekly league before you commit to a season.


If you want to have the best basketball fantasy league team, you have to consider all the above points.

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