Light Up Basketball-Uses Two High Bright LED’s (Official Size and Weight) Review – Why You Need to Own One

Regardless of whether you are looking to learn the new basketball moves or you want to master an incredible layup, the one thing that can help you do that is an incredible and the best outdoor basketball. So how do you choose the right ball, there are so many balls out there from so many manufacturers that come with different materials, colors, and textures. Different balls come with so many different features that set them apart from the rest and you have to know what features you like best and the kind of ball that suits you well. Some players play very vigorous games while others just play with the kids at the driveway but regardless of what you need the ball for, of the best balls in the market you ought to try out is the Glow City light up basket ball.

Light Up Basketball-Uses Two High Bright LED's (Official Size and Weight)

The Light Up Basketball is a LED basketball that glows in the dark and one of the best balls out there. The ball has been designed in a way that once you bounced it as it hits the ground, two impacts activated LED lights to activate and illuminate the entire basketball a glorious and beautiful red glow. It looks absolutely cool when you play with it during the night and you and the kids will have a blast playing with it. Everybody on your street will be amazed at it when you play outside making the game, even more, fun that it would have been with an ordinary ball.

Of course, apart from the fact that it glows very well, this is a real, well made basketball that will meet all your needs. Most of the people who have gotten this ball have used it to freestyle, perform, do half time shows, trick shots, talent shows as well as many other things. Using this basketball, due to the fact that it glows will help you do a lot more practice. This is because you are bound to find yourself playing with it at times you normally would not because playing with it is a lot more fun that the other balls, you will also find yourself playing even longer than you normally do.

This ball would also make a great gift for a loved one or a friend who loves basketball and it would be something they would always remember you for. It will also make kids very happy because it’s a light ball even kids from 8 or 9 years would play very comfortably with it. If you play night games and events then this would be the ultimate ball because people are instantly drawn to it and you would have a crowd cheering you on before you know it.


One of the good things that make this ball one of the best basketballs is that it is made from good quality materials that will last a long time. It is not only beautiful but practical and durable as well. It will make playing fun for the whole family and make the fun times together absolutely fun. The ball does not come with some faint light you can barely see, it comes with two LED lights that will glow very bright and it completely visible even in dusk. The next best thing is that it is water resistant so you can play with it during any weather and it has a good grip as well that will make playing a whole lot easy.

It comes with two batteries for the lights and the battery life is very good. The best thing about the batteries is that they are replaceable and when the time comes, after a long time, that you need to change them it’s going to be easy. You should also know that the light turns on on impact and if it lies for a while without use it goes off in order to save on the batteries. This also means that the ball will not be glowing when you are not playing or when you transport it in a bag.


  • Two Hi-Bright LED lights and not just one
  • Impact activated LED lights
  • ​Size 7 official size and weight
  • Nylon wound
  • ​Replaceable batteries
  • The whole ball illuminates creating a bright red glow

Common Asked Questions

Q : Is this ball heavier than a normal basketball?

A. No, it is not heavier and is the standard adult size ball

Q. Since its adult size, would it be fit for a 7 year old?

A. Yes, it is perfectly fine to play with it although it is not a youth basketball. Its size and weight will work well enough for a 7 year old

Q. Does it glow all the time?

A. No, it glows only when it is bounced since the LED lights are impact activated. When the ball is lying around, it will not glow at all.

Q. Does this ball arrive inflated?

A. No

Final Determination

The Glow City Light Up Basketball is truly the best outdoor basketball that will make you extend your game time. It would be an incredible gist for kids especially because it glows but it will do well for adults as well since it’s an adult size 7 ball.

You can get it from Amazon if you would like to have it and another great thing about it is that it is very reasonably priced.

Mack Stevenson

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