How To Pick The Best Basketball ball- A Guide

There are certain things one needs to keep in mind if they want to get the best basketball design. First of all, the type of court you will be playing is the most important part followed by frequency of use and even court location.

There are numerous basketball designs to choose from you might get confused in the whole process but this article will act as your guide.


There are a number of great basketball manufacturers like Molten Wilson, Nike and Spalding all with various different designs. As an average basketball fan, how do you choose the best basketball ball for your games? Despite all these manufacturers, the basic basketball design has been consistent for the longest time where a rubber bladder is simply surrounded by fiber the covered in a surface that is very easy to grip.

Normally, either leather or synthetic materials are used and arranged in a twelve, ten or eight panel design. These panels are usually separated by ribs, which are always a contrasting color from the surface.

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Differences- Indoor or Outdoor


The similarities tend to end at the surface because the balls vary from model to model. To begin with, the materials vary a lot with leather being one of the most common. Basketballs covered in the leather material are best used indoors and played on wooden courts.

When playing outdoors on concrete playgrounds or asphalt courts, the best ball material is synthetic fiber. These are the most popular among fans since most people play outdoors and besides that, they are usually designed to emulate the feel of leather very well.

Moisture wicking

Basketballs with the ability to retain moisture are some of the best because they maintain a better grip through even the most intense games. Of course, for a fan, you might not be playing intense games and so balls that have a high ability to wick away water might not be what you are looking for. However, this is still something you should consider.


The smallest size of basketball balls is size 5, which suits kids below the age of 11 very well. This ball design is meant for smaller hands and it is light enough for young kids as well.

The size after that is size 6 meant for kids over 11 to 15 years and is the one preferred by women. Most teenager clubs and adults use a size 7 because it is most suitable for their age. Size 7 is actually the legal basketball size and what all professionals use.


In basketball, a ball is the most important equipment and if you are a regular player, choosing the best one is important.

With so many manufacturers, you can find basketballs in almost any color and regardless of your needs, you will be able to find the best basketball for yourself.

Mack Stevenson

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Warez - 3 years ago

Thanks for this!

Grant Dixon - 3 years ago

Go for a basketball when you know the court surface, you are going to play on. If you pick a ball against the surface then your basketball will get damaged very soon. It’s a different ball game in the indoor and outdoor courts. Like leather ball will abrade when played on concrete court. This write-up is a nice guide for buying a basketball.


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