Practice with a Weighted Basketball – Benefits

A weighted basketball generally referred to as a significant ball, may be a basketball that's regulation size (29.50 inches in circumference) however, weighs three pounds rather than the traditional twenty-two ounces. The weighted ball is strictly a coaching tool and might be terribly useful to up your game. However, it ought to solely be used for developing sure skills.

The enlarged weight of the ball can strengthen your fingers, wrists and forearms however the ball ought to solely be used for active ball handling and spending after you square measure figuring out.

In theory, the weighted ball may well be used for shooting, to boost vary and perhaps your ability to hit shots off balance because it can strengthen the upper-body muscles you utilize to shoot. However, alternating between shooting with a weighted ball and a regulation ball would require continuous adjustment. Cause quality and lower quality reps’ victimization. The loaded ball additionally might alter and hurt your shooting kind by forcing you to overcompensate for the weight of the ball. So, as to urge the ball to the rim rather than shooting it properly.

weighted basketball

Ball handling

I have in person used the weighted basketball in my coaching and have had an awfully positive expertise with it, particularly as way as ball handling. The ball bounces and reacts an equivalent as a regulation ball however the three pounds very need you to dribble the ball tougher and snap it down once creating moves.

When you switch back to employing a regulation ball you straight off feel the distinction within the quickness of your moves. However, you are additionally forced to regulate what is currently a comparatively abundant lighter ball. This first feeling can get away as you modify back to the texture of the regular ball. Dribble with the serious ball can strengthen your arms, supplying you with a lot of powerful dribble and a tighter handle. This is often necessary.

As a result of the tougher and quicker you will be able to dribble the ball faster and you will be able to do something with the ball in your hands. Trust it: If it takes you a second to cross the surprise from your hand to your left, it takes you a second to pass to associate open associate, pull up for an effort, or create a counter move. The tougher you will be able to dribble the ball the faster you will be able to create choices and plays on the court.


As way as passing, the serious ball will cause you to be stronger and so able to create longer and quicker passes a lot of accurately. The serious ball has helped American state the foremost in developing my single-handed passing with my off-hand victimisation.

The serious ball to create passes with my hand has created American state easier doing thus in games and has helped American state get passes off faster by having the ability to quickly transition from dribble to pass while not having to involve my hand.

Walking Dribble combos practice

  • Start on the baseline with a game ball in your hand.
  • Determine a mixture of moves to figure on for every repetition of the drill (e.g., crossover, between the legs, behind the rear, double behind the rear, etc.)
  • ​Complete one spherical of the chosen series whereas stationary with wide feet and bent knees on the baseline
  • ​After the completion of the primary spherical, walk your feet forward, taking steps at a controlled pace with every move whereas maintaining the low, wide stance.
  • ​Move from the baseline to court and back. Repeat 8-10 times victimization totally different combos every time
Mack Stevenson

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