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Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball Review : Updated 2022

The Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball is the kind of ball you must have if you are using it for intense outdoor play. It is durable and comes in a wide variety of different colour combinations as the best basketball for outdoor courts fits with. This is the kind of basketball for kids you were looking for. The bright pink colours are what girls love. As for boys, there is no preference. They only love any glowing ball they can get on their hands and use it in the garage every day.

Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball

The Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball is an excellent choice when you need good outdoor basketballs that come with the right options to be used by kids and adults. The colours are very attractive, and the materials are durable to put it among the good basketballs to buy when you want a lasting ball for playing outside. There are no issues with the bouncing, and the texture will stay for years, even using it every day. By buying this product, you are getting the best basketball for outdoor courts at a very attractive price.


The advantage of using the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball is your preferred choice for kids is that it comes in a variety of beautiful colour combinations. Kids love it, especially girls who love pink. With this model, they get the chance to play with a pink basketball.

Besides, this is the best basketball for outdoor courts. It is excellent to play on any sort of concrete, including garage areas. The ball is made out of durable materials that last long even under the harshest conditions.


The features of the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball are:

  • External cover made out of durable rubber materials.
  • Designed for the best outdoor experience.
  • 2 different size options:
  • Size 7: This is NBA’s official size, consisting of 29.5”
  • Size 6: The intermediate size is suitable for middle school players and kids, consisting of 28.5”. It is just one step below the official NBA size
  • 6 different colour combinations:
  • Black and blue
  • Blue and black
  • ​Green and blue
  • Black and pink
  • ​Pink and green
  • Red and pink

Customer Satisfaction :

The Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball has a 4.4 score out of 5. Most users love the play on concrete and report it is an excellent choice for the hardest use. The majority of people buying the Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball got it for kids, and the colour combination plus the assorted sizes was an advantage. There are different colours and sizes suitable for boys and girls, and they loved it.

The customers that rated this product low did it because of some sort of factory default that made the ball deflate. Another less common issue is to get problems with painting. These defective balls should be returned for replacement. On average, 80% of the users reported no problems with their basketballs, and are entirely happy. So those are your odds to get a perfect product.

Advantages and Disadvantages :
  • As an advantage, we must highlight this model choice is simply good outdoor basketballs for children and adults. The ball supports heavy-duty use, and it can be shipped in assorted sizes and colours.
  • The price is fair and cheaper compared to other similar products from other brands.
  • The drawback comes precisely from diversity. Some users have ordered by mistake the smallest size (size 6) expecting a pro-size (size 7), and were disappointed with the product they got.
  • If you get this product to be careful with your selections to order just what you need. Another drawback is that there is a 20% chance you get a defective product.
Common Questions Asked :

Q: Is this basketball suitable for children of the age of 5-7 years?

A: Kids in the age group of 5-7 rather use a 27.5-inch ball (size 5). The Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball is manufactured in sizes 6 and 7 only. Some parents and trainers report that their kids can handle a size 6 ball when they are skilled enough, but starters are not comfortable with it. If your child is a starter, you’d better go for a size 5. However, if he has been practising before, you could give it a shot with size 6.

Q: Does the ball is shipped inflated?

A: Yes. This basketball is shipped inflated. However, some users report that it needed some additional air, or at times it came completely deflated. The cases were few (less than 20%). Be prepared if you fall in the unlucky group that needs some extra air.

Q: Can adults use this ball?

A: Yes. One of the size options is 7 (29.5 inches), which is the official NBA size, and the preferred option for adults. Beware while you order this ball because the same product has the size option and some people get confused and order a smaller size than they needed.

Final Determination :

The Spalding NBA Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball is good basketball to buy when you are looking for a durable and attractive basketball. It is suitable for kids and adults. If you are buying it for kids, then be careful with your size choice, particularly if the child already has some basketball abilities.

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