Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball Review

It is very common that when we buy some product we consider many things and buying a basketball is not an exception. The material, grip, and bounce are some of the important factors to be considered while buying a basketball. It is good to know that the Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball meets all your above requirements and is no doubt one of the best basketballs to buy. This basketball comes with perfect grip and excellent bounce which makes it one of the best outdoor basketball. The weight and size of this basket ball meet the professional standards which make it the top pick of the NBA as well as the WNBA.

Spalding NBA Zi/0 Excel Basketball

The Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball is a great product which has all the qualities to meet your expectations. This basketball is versatile as you can play with it in indoor as well as outdoor locations. This basketball comes with official size and weight due to which you can train like a professional every day when you play with this ball. There is ball pebbling on the entire surface of this basketball which gives you great grip and handling. If you want to shop this basketball online you have many options like Amazon, eBay etc.

Benefits : 

The Spalding NBA Zi/O excel basketball is very cost-effective as compared to many known brands in the market. The basketballs come in affordable as well as expensive prices but this basketball is on the low-end of price and still offers all the functions which are required for professional training.

This fantastic basket ball comes with foam –backed style which gives you a very easy grip. With the help of this foam coating, you can improve our game. In addition, this basketball is soft and is the ideal choice if you want to improve your jump shots. The size and weight of this basketball are in accordance to the needs of the expert and you can use it in tournaments and leagues and also for games at schools. Although it is a fantastic product but it is not the basketball for kids.


The Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball comes with excellent features to give you an enthralling experience of a basketball game.

  • The Spalding NBA Zi/O excel basketball is made of the composite leather cover which gives it a genuine look and also helps in the grip.
  • This ball is both sturdy for indoor plays and solid for outdoor courts which make it one of the best indoor outdoor basketballs.
  • ​The tacky effect of this basketball helps you to improve the handling in the game as it is designed to give you perfect balance while playing.
  • The foam coating of this basketball gives you great bounce and better grip.
  • This basketball is very simple to handle and is very comfortable while dribbling.

These are the features which make it the good indoor basketball as well as the best indoor outdoor basketball available in the market.

Customer Satisfaction : 

The feedback from the people who have used this fabulous basketball has been of great help in improving the quality of this product. As a result, this product has been at par as far as meeting the requirements of the users is concerned. The foam coating of this basketball has been highly praised by people due to which it has exceptional bounce and superb grip.

This basketball is affordable as it very cost effective as compared to other brands in the market. Another feature of this product which is liked by people is its standard weight and size due to which you can start your professional training even when you play with this basketball on the driveway or at the gym. The Spalding NBA Zi/o Excel basketball is perhaps the best basketball available for you as it contains may special features.

Advantages and Disadvantages : 
  • There are many advantages of Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball but the main attraction of this basketball is its foam-backed style which helps you in dribbling and dunking.
  • This basketball is soft to feel and you can start in a professional way since it meets the experts need.
  • ​This basketball is ideal if you want to improve your shooting skills in this game.
  • This product is sturdy which makes it last for many years. This is also a good indoor basketball.
  • There are also some complaints from customers. The huge label on the surface of the ball has proved to be a hindrance for many customers for shooting or dunking.
  • Some people said this basketball needs to be pumped up very quickly as it tends to lose air quite often.
  • ​The hole in this basket ball is not able to fit well with the valve which makes it difficult to pump air flow into this basketball.
Common Questions Asked : 

Q : Can this basketball be used for the indoor surface?

A : This basketball is good for both indoor surface and outdoor courts.

Q : Can I ship this product anywhere in the world?

A : No, currently we do shipping only within the US.

Q : Is this basketball expensive?

A : No, this ball is affordable as it is very cost effective as compared to other brands available in the market.

Q : What is the life of this basketball?

A : This basketball is very sturdy and due to which it can last for many years.

Final Determination : 

If you are looking for a world class and affordable basketball then there is no better option than Spalding NBA Zi/O Excel Basketball. If you are also looking for a best outdoor basketball basketball which can improve your game according to professional standards then your search ends here.

This basketball has got no match in the market and you can use it for indoor as well as outdoor surface and all this comes to you at very affordable price. You can get all the basketball information online where you can also compare the price.

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