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Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – Official Size 7 (29.5″) Review : Upd 2022

Use a single basketball to play like a pro! The Spalding NBA Zi/O is the kind of ball such as the best basketball for indoor you need to use on any occasion.

Either it is just a quick game, or for a real tournament, the Spalding NBA Zi/O is the kind of indoor-outdoor basketball you must have at hand.

You can use it indoors and outdoor efficiently. The cover is made in such a way it feels like the ball used by your NBA idols. Also, it has the logo printed on it, plus the right size (29.5 inches). Feel the power of the NBA as you play with this good indoor basketball.

The Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball was created to let you play as if you were side by side with your favourite NBA player. It feels like the real ball they use, with excellent grip, and the looks you see on games. It is the perfect choice to give away as a gift for a basketball fan. They will appreciate the high-quality manufacturing plus the pro looks.

The Spalding NBA Zi/O is definitely the best basketball for indoor and very useful as an occasional outdoor ball too. You can go for a quick game no matter where you are if you just put this ball in your trunk.

Benefits :

This fantastic basketball is manufactured by the official brand that delivers the best basketball indoor for the NBA and WNBA.

It has done it for years perfectly and remains the leading brand for manufacturing good indoor basketball. You have ensured high quality and the same manufacturing processes in which NBA’s balls are fabricated.

The present ball is just one-grade below the actual balls used by the NBA. It has an excellent rebound on the hardwood floor used in basketball indoor games.

Features :

Among the features of the Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – Official Size 7 (29.5″), we can highlight :

  • It has the official size used in the NBA.
  • The ball is designed to be used outdoor and indoors, so it is perfect for any occasion.
  • ​The cover material (Zi/O composite leather) is what makes it look like the real thing.
  • ​The pebbling of the cover gives you a soft surface that feels natural to your tact.
  • ​It is manufactured according to the specifications published by the NBA for stringent basketballs.
  • With a diameter of 29.5 inches, it meets the official specs issued by the NBA in both size and weight when it is fully inflated.

Customer Satisfaction :

Most customers are happy with this ball. It has 470 reviews, with an overall rate of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Most users report it is a good indoor basketball that works fine outdoors too, but it wears too fast if you use it too much on concrete.

Some users were not happy with the product because the pictures posted on Amazon are wrong, and one of them is of another product. When they got the actual basketball, it was not like the pictures, but after reading the description, it is a match.

Be careful when you order it online and make sure this is the basketball you are expecting, and beware of the uploaded pictures.

Common Questions Asked :

Q: Does the ball is shipped inflated or deflated?

A: The Spalding NBA Zi/O Indoor/Outdoor Basketball – Official Size 7 is sent inflated like any other basketball. It is not possible to send it deflated.

Q: Is this ball suitable for kids?

A: No. This is a professional-size basketball. It is suitable for teenagers and adults. The recommendation is to use it starting from high-school students and up.

Q: Can this basketball be left outside storage?

A: We do not recommend you to leave your basketball in outside storage because the sun and rain are going to damage it, and it will not last as much as if you store it inside.

Final Determination :

The Spalding NBA Zi/O Basketball is an excellent choice for people who are looking for a multipurpose ball to play anytime both indoor and outdoor. It has good quality and feels practically like NBA balls.

Beware of the product you are buying when you get it online because there is a mistake in the photos posted on Amazon, which seems to be the greatest issue among users. Apart from that, there is no serious complaint.

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