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Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5″ Youth Basketball Review : Updated 2022

When it comes to sports, it is best installed in an individual from a ripe young age. Apart from making a career out of it, sports can help your kid develop a wide range of skill sets like a superior reflex, advanced motor skills, quick thinking and improvisation abilities, endurance, overall physical fitness and strength, a strong immunity system, a competitive spirit and a solid sense of righteousness. Attributes, all accounting for healthy adulthood being an individual. With their growing age, however, the ability to acquire and develop these skill sets falls at a marginal diminishing rate, the primary reason behind why a particular sport is to be started earlier in one’s life.
A major issue with kids and sports is their difficulty in getting a grip on the standard-sized sports pieces of equipment. Though they possess a sincerely high level of skill acquisition ability, their physical abilities remain fragile and require significant development. This is meticulously where the junior-sized types of equipment come into play. If you plan for your kid, to dribble the ball and shoot the basket, then the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor composite 27.5 youth basketball would be the wisest choice.
The Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor composite youth basketball is made of performance quality easy-grip composite leather cover, and featuring a scaled down size and weight, is the perfect basketball to render your kid with a precise grip, manoeuvrability and handling. The Spalding Rookie gear basketball, specifically designed for kids under the age of 8, weighs 25% less than your regular-sized youth basketball. Smaller size and lighter weight provide your kid with the ability to enhance his/her dribbling skills, shooting skills, ball grip, ball handling, accuracy and confidence level, and efficiently train on the fundamentals of basketball.
Considering the premium quality composite leather covering on the ball makes it bounce easily off concrete courts and asphalt courts as well. The Spalding Rookie gear basketball is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor usability. The built quality further credits the product with outright longevity and minimal wear and tear over time. According to many first-hand reviews, the ball when stored with care could last for several years. “Perfect for my 7-year-old and holding this ball is addicting. The texture, the feel of the ball – is top-notch quality,” read a review on Amazon.
The colour variety is yet another desirable trait of the Spalding Rookie basketball. The ball is available in your traditional brown colour that radiates the most authentic vibe, and a multicoloured version that not just excites your child’s sense of intrigue but also makes the ball significantly distinguishable from the rest of the lot. “Great Basketball. I originally bought the brown basketball but bought the rainbow coloured ball for my daughter to use at basketball practice. It is easy to find as everyone has a brown ball,” in the words of yet another reviewer on Amazon. The original NBA logo on the basketball is a fine finishing that adds up to the authenticity of its look.
With the supreme combination of kid-friendly built measurement, performance grade built quality and a strikingly desirable look, this basketball creates a wonderful experience of introduction to basketball for your kid.
 Carefully crafted for kids under the age of 8.
 Weighs 25% less than your regular youth-sized balls. A lighter ball with a higher accuracy.
 Size five (27.5-inch youth) ball, a smaller ball for a better grip.
 Features a superior quality easy-grip composite leather cover to augment its longevity and durability.
 The official NBA logo to touch it with a professional look.
 Available in two separate colours, the traditional brown and the vibrant multicolour.
 The built quality enables the product for dual indoor and outdoor usability.
 Even though a smaller and lighter ball, the product design is such that adults too, for its easy grip and high accuracy will get addicted to its usage. A necessity for your kid and a luxury for you.
 A very modest pricing for its quality.
Apart from the robust built quality, alluring outlook and affordable pricing, the quintessential advantage of this product is its weight, size and grip; a basketball dedicatedly engineered to cater to the core needs of your kid.
If your child is hitting his/her mid-teens and you are looking for something more around the standard weight and size, then this isn’t the product you are looking for.

Q: does this ball ship deflated?
A: This ball does ship deflated.

Q: Is the ball going to be too small for kids ages 8, 9 and 10?
A: 27.5 is the smallest size in the youth’s ball category, and should serve fine until they get old enough to handle a full-size ball. This size is recommended for them for few years to build their dribbling abilities.

Q: Is the multi-colour ball rubber or synthetic leather?
A: This item has an easy-grip composite leather cover.

Q: How good is the grip? does it help increase dribbling and passing skills
A: The size and weight have been specifically kept to measurements that facilitate the learning of dribbling and passing, and yes the ball has a lot of grip on it.

Q: Is this a rubber basketball?
A: No it is not, this product is a leather version, a very good synthetic leather that has worked well for outdoor practice and for the indoor court on which the kids play their games.

Customer Satisfaction
This product has been very well received by the customers and has been highly rated on various sites, including being ranked No. 1 on Amazon in the “Basketballs” category. Parents have largely appreciated the weight and size of the ball, which earnestly advantages their kids in quickly picking up their ball gripping, ball handling and dribbling skills. Further a great many high school and college coaches recommend this product for kids falling under the age group of 6-12. Parents after going through a great number of basketballs have found the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor composite youth basketball, to be of the perfect weight and size that truly compliments the learning process of their kids. With brilliant specs and a precise grip, this product is an absolute grab. This basketball promptly trains your kid in the typical fundamentals of the sport and delivers you with the luxury of introducing a refreshing downscaling in the difficulty level of your own game.

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