Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball Review

Kids deserve a best basketball ball to make them feel like grown-ups. That is why the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball is the right ball for them. It comes in a size that they can handle like professionals. This gorilla basketball will be of most use to perform the hardest shots as they develop their skills. The looks of the brown model are the serious ball you want to have when they are in a tournament. And the colorful design choice is the kind of ball you want to get for training and bouncing, making it the best basketball outdoor.

Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor Outdoor Composite 27.5" Youth Basketball

If you are looking for the basketball to start teaching the game, then you found it. The Spalding Rookie Gear Basketball will work perfectly. It has a light weight and can be the perfect companion for a starter kid. The color options give you a choice to be serious with a traditional brown or playful with a colorful choice. As for kids, most of them will go for the colorful option, except for those who want to feel like grown-ups and have seen the some NBA games.

Benefits : 

The advantages of the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor/Outdoor Composite 27.5 Youth Basketball are many. A child that is just starting is going to get better results by playing with this ball. Be-cause of its lighter weight, he can learn technique as he achieves impressive results compared with his attempts if he was using a standard size ball for adults. This is the best basketball out-door and indoor for training children.

Features : 

  • It is designed specifically for children of 8 years and less.
  • The ball weight is 25% less than other standard balls marketed for kids. The objective is to help them develop their skills by reducing weight to improve their shooting and rebounds. That way they can focus on technique rather than strength at their earliest stages of develop-ing their game.
  • ​An added benefit of a light basketball is that it lets kids get great results fast. While training, that can improve the fun they have out of the game. It also develops a strong confidence in children.
  • ​The ball comes from the special "Rookie Gear" product line of Spalding's.
  • ​Weights about 25% less than standard youth balls for children age eight and under
  • ​The manufacturing materials are a particular compound of leather and other polymers so that it has a soft feel, but with the outdoor durability.
  • ​Standard ball size 5 (27.5”), especially for youth.
  • Made in China.
  • ​Two color options:


Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor Outdoor Composite 27.5


Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor Outdoor Composite 27.5" Youth Basketball

Customer Satisfaction : 

Fathers say their kids are very happy with their basketballs. Unluckily, the real clients (starting at 5-year-old kids) cannot write a review so we cannot tell from the original source. School trainers love it, and they have a full bag of them. They use them to engage their students with their first approach to the game, reporting it works.

Advantages and Disadvantages : 

The benefits come from having the best basketball ball proportional to a kid’s size and strength. It is not a gorilla basketball they cannot handle. Parents and teachers coincide on that and highlight how much children are enjoying it. The drawback is that it cannot be stored out-side. If you do it, this life will decay significantly.

Common Questions Asked :

Q. For which age group is this ball recommended?

A. The ball can be used by kids from 4 to 12 years old. However, that depends on the child’s skills. If you are talking about a kid who has been playing since 4, and he is now 8, then he will be able to handle a bigger ball. The advantage of having a small ball is that it allows them to develop technique, instead of focusing on strength. The better results can improve their game-play a lot. However, if they have the technique already, then the focus is a strength, and a bigger ball will enhance their strength as it gives them a greater challenge. If a kid has played before, then this ball is suitable up to 6-8 years only.

Q. How is the grip?

A. The grip is perfect, and children will have no issues grabbing it.

Q. How good is it for outdoor use?

A. The ball is excellent for outdoor use. The only thing is that it is not recommended for outdoor storage. It will last longer if you store it inside.

Final Determination : 

The youngest ones will enjoy the opportunity to learn to play basketball, and this is simply the best basketball ball you can get for them. It is light and manageable for their age. A bigger ball feels like a gorilla basketball when you are 5, and it is easy to get discouraged by the poor results you can get. The best basketball to buy for indoor and outdoor use is definitely the Spalding Rookie Gear Indoor and Outdoor.

Mack Stevenson

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