The 4 Different Variations Of The Most Popular Sport In The World

There are a few different variants of basketball with some of the best basketball players all over the world and it doesn’t really have to be in an indoor wooden court. Variety is one of those things that make basketball one of the most popular sports globally. Below are some of the variations you can pick from.

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Water basketball

Water basketball as the name suggests is a game that takes place in water and it could either be recreational or team regulated. The rules are very different in water basketball because they are a combination of the traditional basketball rules and those of water polo. For instance, there is no dribbling in water basketball for obvious reasons.

Beach basketball

This variation is played on the beach is also quite different from the rest. You see, beach basketball is played on a circular court than usually has no backboard on the hoop. Dribbling is usually not involved being that it would be very hard to do non sand but the ball has usually moved the court through passes or 2 ½ steps. In beach basketball, there are no out of bounds either.

Wheelchair basketball

As the name suggests, wheelchair basketball is played by people in wheelchairs, which are usually specifically designed for this purpose. The wheelchairs are usually designed in a way that they can move easily up and down the court and are made so the players can be agile, just like the players in a traditional basketball game. Wheelchair basketball is one of the serious variations with some of the best basketball players and is normally regulated by the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

Informal basketball

“Informal” is really not the name given to this type but this is the type most played all over the world. This is the variation where players do it for the fun and it truly is one of the best sports. This variation can have any rules the teammates agree on but usually, the biggest part of it is having fun.

Basketball is one of the most flexible games and it can be played by anyone, regardless of where they are in whichever variation they like. As a matter of fact, basketball has probably been played in other different ways in different places in the world because it is an incredibly popular sport.


No matter how people play basketball, they can never go wrong because they will always have a ball. As long as there are a ball and a hoop, people can play ball the way they like. The best basketball teams in the world usually come from people who are having fun playing ball until they realize they can actually compete. So, regardless of where you are, you can play any type of basketball on any type of court you like.

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