Top Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet Review

Having the wide feet is always the problem for athletic people. Finding the best shoe for wide feet is very hard on current days. My friend, who has wide feet and a professional basketball player faces the same problem while finding the best basketball shoes for wide feet on sale. It was easier picking the best shoes for wide feet a few years ago. But, with the increase in demand for fashionable products, the shoe companies forgot to manufacture the essentials, like the Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet. Fortunately, there are few companies, who are still producing the basketball shoes for wide footers in 2018.

In this post, we are going to share the list of some of the best basketball shoes for wide footers on sale in 2018. We picked this list discussing with our Professional Basketball player. Took his advice on choosing the best basketball shoes and shortlisted the products in this post.

Top Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2018


Air Jordan XX9 Wide Basketball Shoe 2018


PROS: ZOOM AIR Cushion, FlightPlate System, FlightWeb System for Weaving Upper part

CONS: Less Traction, Upper Part Feels Plasticky

Some people say the Air Jordan XX9 is one of the best basketball shoes for Wide Footers in 2018. So, tried to check out its features. The Air Jordan XX9 Wide Basketball shoe comes with the Performance Woven soft upper part, which makes the shoe breathable for your feet. Also, it provides sufficient space for your feet, to make necessary movements.

The ZOOM AIR Cushioning, which is the proprietary technology from the house of Nike. The ZOOM AIR Cushioning, which is located on the heels of Air Jordan XX9 shoes is very squishy and comfortable on your feet. As the wide feet have problems with ordinary cushions, the ZOOM AIR supports the wide feet.

Just like the people with Flat feet, the wide footers also face problems with the support. Fortunately, the Air Jordan XX9 Wide Feet basketball shoe comes with the FlightPlate system, which is the technology made for superior comfort to your feet. The FlightPlate technology connects the Heels and Forefoot, giving your feet the best possible support.


PROS:  Comes with Bunch of Tech Advancements like BOOST, PrimeKnit, Continental Rubber and TORSION System.

CONS: Nothing Found in First Inspection.

The ADIDAS D LILLARD Boost Primeknit basketball shoe from the ADIDAS is one of the most famous shoes from the company. We recommended the same shoe for the people with the Flat foot. As the Flat Footers share similar problems with the Wide Footers, this shoe is compatible with the need for Wide footers. The ADIDAS D LILLARD Boost PrimeKnit basketball shoes come with the proprietary technologies from the ADIDAS.

The ADIDAS D LILLARD Boost PrimeKnit comes with the technologies like BOOST and PrimeKnit. The BOOST is the cushioning technology, which is added for the comfortable support to your wide feet. The BOOST Cushioning is added replacing the BOUNCE Cushioning, which is more comfortable for the basketball players.

The PrimeKnit is the technology for weaving the upper part of the shoe. The PrimeKnit technology resembles the Nike’s FlightWeb system. It makes sure that the top portion is fabricated for the superior quality and strength and also the comfort of the wide feet.

The Entire Shoe is made of the bunch of technologies, which makes it one of the advanced Shoe for Wide footers in 2018. If you are looking for the best shoe for playing the basketball games, then you should not ignore this one at any cost.


PROS: Proprietary ADIDAS Technologies like BOOST, PrimeKnit and StableFrame.

CONS:  Synthetic Rubber used in Upper Part feels very much plasticky, Takes time to get comfortable wearing it.

The ADIDAS is one of the best brands for sports enthusiasts. The ADIDAS D ROSE 6 FOOT PrimeKnit is one such famous shoe amongst the basketball players. This shoe is suitable for all players with average feet, Flat feet and wide feet. As almost all of the ADIDAS shoes share the same features and technologies, this is not an exception.

The ADIDAS D ROSE 6 FOOT PrimeKnit basketball shoe for wide footers is the brilliant choice for basketball players. It comes with the technologies like the PrimeKnit and BOOST. The PrimeKnit technology focuses on the upper part of the shoe. The PrimeKnit technology weaves the threads in such way that they become flexible, durable and breathable for your skin. Almost all of the ADIDAS sports shoes come with the PrimeKnit technology.

The BOOST cushioning, which is also similar in almost all of the ADIDAS shoes focuses on the sole cushion. The BOOST cushioning is famous for the soft and squishy base, providing heavenly comfort for wide footers. The StableFrame technology used to manufacture this shoe helps to maintain the shape and structure of this shoe. The StableFrame allows all size of feet to comfortable stay inside of the boots without any irritation.

Air Jordan Melo M12

PROS: Comes with High-End Tech like FlightPlate, FlightWeb and Flight Speed with ZOOM AIR Cushioning.

CONS: The Upper Part Spoils the entire look of the shoe. [ Does not matter if you prefer comfort over Looks]

This post about the Best Basketball shoes for Wide Feets for sale 2018 is revolving around only two brands, Nike and ADIDAS. This is the Air Jordan Melo M12 basketball shoe from the Nike. We are listing this excellent shoe as the best option for Basketball Players with Wide Feet in 2018.

The Air Jordan Melo M2 comes in different colour schemes, which makes it look fancy and attractive. The upper part, which is entire fibre mesh. It is woven with the FlightWeb technology to provide strength and more room to wide footers but does not look that great.

The FlightPlate system, which is located in the Forefoot and Heel section is covered with the ZOOM AIR cushioning. The ZOOM AIR is cushioning ultimate comfort to your wide feet. Also, the FlightPlate system is combined with the FlightSpeed tech, which covers the remaining part which is not covered by the FlightPlate system.

The Air Jordan Melo M12 is counted as the top basketball shoe for wide footers, and it is 100 percent true. The Soft and breathable mesh, FlightPlate and FlightSpeed Tech and ZOOM AIR cushioning make it way unique than other ordinary shoes.



PROS: Lightest Shoe in the market with BOOST, PrimeKnit and StableFrame technology

CONS: Not good if you prefer little heavy shoes for your wide feet. May feel uncomfortable for first few days.

Looking for the lightweight basketball shoe for Wide feet? Well, this is the one you are looking. The ADIDAS CRAZYLIGHT Boost 2015 PrimeKnit shoe is the lightest shoe ever made for sportspersons with wide feet. As this is the shoe from ADIDAS, it comes with the proprietary techniques from ADIDAS Like Boost, PrimeKnit and StableFrame, etc.

The ADIDAS CRAZYLIGHT BOOST 2015 PRIMEKNIT shoe is very stylish looking shoe with the PrimeKnit upper part. The Upper Part has the significant role in making this shoe lightest in the market. The ADIDAS CRAZYLIGHT BOOST 2015 PrimeKnit shoe is specially made for the Indoor use. The Non-Marking sole with the soft rubber is useful for indoor games.

The BOOST Cushioning is present in this shoe as it is in all of the ADIDAS Shoes. The Traction and Stability are the critical factors to notice when you are buying the shoes for Indoor games like Basketball. Thanks to the StableFrame technology, this shoe provides superior support and stability while on the indoor ceramic floor.


PROS: Budget shoe for Wide Footers, Excellent Sole

CONS: Not so good Cushioning, Weak Support and Synthetic material giving a bright plasticky look.

The ADIDAS J WALL 2.0 is the last one on our list of top basketball shoes for wide footers. The ADIDAS J WALL 2.0 is not the best wide foot basketball shoe, but it is better than the ordinary shoes, not suitable for the wide footers.

The ADIDAS J WALL 2.0 is not the traditional ADIDAS shoe. It does not come with the BOOST Cushioning, PrimeKnit, StableFrame or any other similar technologies. It is a standard sports shoe, which is like ordinary shoes from low-priced brands.

The adiPrene+ Cushioning instead of the BOOST cushioning is the major turn OFF. The cushioning is not much comfort if you prefer superior comfortable. The Entire Shoe is made of the Synthetic plastic. The upper mesh looks and feels plasticky but is remarkably breathable on your feet. So, you can ignore the material for breathability factor. The support for wide feet is not that great compared to other shoes listed here. The QuickFrame technology, which is the predecessor of StableFrame is not at par with StableFrame. Although it provides necessary support, I am not sure how many of you would like it.

Final Words | Top Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2018

The Wide Footers are neglected by most of the shoemakers. There are only a few good shoes available in the market for the flat footers. In this post, we tried to list all of these Best seller Basketball shoes for wide feet. All of these shoes are recommended by my Basketball Player friend, who has wide feet and used all of them. If you know any other shoes that you think we missed in this list, then please make a comment below.

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