Top Best Selling Portable Basketball Hoops Reviews 2018

Top Best Selling Portable Basketball Hoops 2018

Buying a best portable basketball hoop is a tedious task. It becomes more tedious when there are tons of different basketball hoops available on the market. An average buyer will not feel comfortable while checking out the best portable basketball hoops for sale in the market. Well, choosing the basketball hoop for your use is an art, and we’ve to consider some simple factors before shortlisting the best basketball hoops for mobility.

In this post, we are making your job easier. In this post, you’ll find the top-selling portable basketball hoops in the market. You can choose from these basketball hoops in 2018 and start playing this fantastic game wherever you want.

Best Selling Portable Basketball Hoops 2018

As I said earlier, choosing the best basketball hoop consists for considering multiple factors, which will help you to shortlist the best basketball hoops for sale. Here are some of the critical elements, that you should think and without considering them, you cannot find the best portable basketball hoops.



The Rim of the basketball hoop is the crucial part of the entire system. Without hoop, you cannot put your ball. The Rim is attached with the Basketball net, which holds the basketball. While choosing the basketball hoop, make sure the Rim of the hoop is large enough for balls and also comes with an all-weather net.


Types of Rims

  1. Simple Springless Rim – The Springless Rim is most common is super cheap basketball hoops. The Springless Rim is easily breakable if excessive pressure is applied while putting the ball.
  2. External Spring Rim – The outer Spring Rim comes with the spring attached to the Backboard. The outer spring adds the extra flexibility and strength in the ring. When applied excessive pressure, the rim does not come off from the backboard.
  3. Enclosed Spring Rim – The enclosed Spring rims are best ones. The Enclosed Spring rims are super flexible, and they protect the entire rim from breakage and other damage.


The Backboard is the backbone of the entire system. Without backboard, the portable basketball hoop has no meaning. The backboard hosts the Basketball Rim and also holds the Pole, on which the whole system will stand. Make sure the backboard is made of high-quality material and is lightweight.

Types of Backboard

  1. Shatterproof Backboard – The shatterproof backboards are the best kinds of backboards for basketball hoops. They are made with the high-quality plastic, such as polycarbonate and polyethene. Unlike Glass, the shatterproof plastic is super reliable and flexible, and virtually unbreakable.
  2. Stainless Steel Backboard – The Stainless Steel backboard is very rare nowadays because of the price of Steel. Still, you can find them in some premium indoor basketball hoops. The stainless Steel backboards are super reliable, rust proof, fireproof and also super flexible.
  3. Plastic Backboard – Some cheap basketball hoops come with the plastic backboard. The manufacturers use the most inexpensive quality plastic to save money. The plastic backboards in basketball hoops make no sense unless used in the toddler basketball sets.


The basketball hoop pole is also one of the crucial parts of the system. It is the part which ensures the height of the hoop. Some basketball hoops come with the Adjustable height feature, and some do not. It is highly advisable to buy a basketball hoop with adjustable height feature. If the pole is not of sufficient height or does not have the adjustment feature, then you should not shortlist it.

Types of Poles

  1. Fix Poles – The Fix Poles are useless if you are looking for a portable basketball hoop. They are only useful if used in the stationary basketball hoops like we have in courts.
  2. Telescopic Adjustable Poles – The height-adjustable telescopic hoops are the best ones if you are looking for a portable basketball hoop. You’ll find almost all of the height-adjustable basketball hoops with telescopic poles in this list.


The only part of the system, which makes the entire hoop differ from the fixed and portable systems. The Portable Basketball Hoops should have a hollow base, which makes the whole system lighter. Also, the bottom should be made with the high-quality material, which will make complete system standstill on the ground while playing an intensive basketball game.

Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Portable Basketball Hoop

The Lifetime is a well-known brand in the market, which makes some excellent sports accessories for the aspiring players. The Lifetime 1221 pro court portable basketball hoop from the same lineup of products for aspiring sports players.

The Lifetime 1221 Pro Court basketball hoop has the adjustable height feature and has the approximate height of 7 feet to 12 feet. This is the adequate height for most of the basketball players, and the height-adjustment feature helps the shorter players to adjust the height of this hoop.  The backboard of Lifetime 1221 Pro court basketball hoops is 44 inches, which is sufficient for portable basketball hoops and non-professional games.

The telescopic pole mechanism and height adjust ability feature is the plus point of this best selling portable basketball hoop. The telescopic pole makes height adjusting smoothly as butter. Also, the backboard comes with UV coating and is Dust and Fireproof. Another best thing about this portable basketball hoop is that it comes pre installed and we don’t have to set it up manually using screwdrivers.


  • Best Selling Product in the market.
  • Adjustable height from 7 Feet to 12 Feet.
  • Telescopic Poles.
  • UV Coated, Fire and Dust proof backboard.


  • No CONS Reported.

Lifetime 1301 Poolside Basketball System

The name of Lifetime brand and the five years of Warranty, this becomes the best choice for most of the basketball enthusiasts. The Lifetime brand launched this Sturdy and portable basketball hoop for poolside use. The Lifetime 1301 is one of the most popular portable basketball hoops for sale in the market. The non-adjustable portable basketball hoop is not what people want, but the five years warranty and the strong base force people to take a glance at it.

The Sturdy base and the Wide 44 inches Polyethylene backboard makes it the best choice for poolside parties. Also, it is lightweight, so you can take it with you in the park and enjoy with your kids while picnicking.


  • Comes with the 5 Years Brand Warranty.
  • Highly portable and Lightweight.
  • Sturdy Base for stability.


  • Height Adjustment Not Supported.

Lifetime 90022 Youth Portable Basketball Hoop System

Lifetime is making our job of finding the best portable basketball hoops easier. The Lifetime has the range of some of the best basketball hoops 2018 and almost all of them fits the parameters we are checking to find the best one in the market.

The Lifetime 90022 Youth is one of the best portable basketball hoops from the family of Lifetime. The Lifetime 90022 Youth is manufactured by looking at the kids above 15 years of age. With the adjustable height from 5.5 to 7.5 feet, it is the best choice for kids who are hitting puberty. The PVC Plastic backboard is 32 inches diameter, but is strong and suits the height of this hoop. It may look small at first glance, but the target users, which are Kids above 15 years age find it adequate.

The adjustable height poles of these mobile basketball hoop system are made of the stainless steel, which makes it stronger, lighter and rust proof. As it is the product of Lifetime, it comes with the 5-year brand warranty, covering any issues within the warranty period.


  • Affordable Basketball Hoop with adequate features.
  • Height adjustment feature from 5.5 feet to 7.5 feet.
  • Stainless Steel Construction with the Rustproof coating.
  • PVC Plastic backboard which is shatterproof, UV Coated and Fire and Dust Proof.


  • Only suitable for Kids above 15 year of age. Not for adults.

Spalding 66291 Pro Slam Portable Basketball System

Want super lightweight basketball hoop for poolside fun, Indoor fun or even fun in the park? Well, the Spalding 66291 Pro Slam basketball hoop is there for you. The Spalding 66291 Pro Slam is Super lightweight basketball hoop which you can carry anywhere you want.

The adjustable height is the best feature of this portable basketball hoop after the high portability. It comes with the height adjustment feature, which lets you adjust the height from 7 feet to 11 feet quickly. The backboard is pretty wide with dimensions of 55 by 32 inches. Also, the telescopic poles are made with the acrylic and stainless steel combination, providing unmatched stability. The detachable wheel stand, which is the unique features helps you to move Spalding 66291 portable basketball hoop from one place to another very quickly.


  • Adjustable Height from 7 feet to 11 feet.
  • Super Lightweight. Can carry with one hand.
  • Stainless Steel pole for higher strength.
  • Detachable Wheel Stand for moving entire Hoop from One place to another.


  • Super Lightweight. Not recommended if you like Heavy Basketball Hoops.
  • The mediocre quality material used while manufacturing. Not for Long-term use.

Lifetime 52-inch Portable Basketball Hoop System

If you are a professional Basketball player and looking for the best portable basketball hoop in markets, then this is the best product from the house of Lifetime. As the name indicates, the  Lifetime 52-inch Portable basketball hoop comes with the 52-inch wide Basketball backboard for professional plays. This is the most significant backboard ever for the portable basketball hoops. The backboard comes with the shatterproof coating of the plastic.

The adjustable height feature, which is must look feature for professional basketball players is present in this hoop. The height can be adjusted from 7 feet to 12 feet pretty quickly. The Telescopic pole, which helps us to change the height is made of the robust Stainless Steel, which also rust-proof.

Those who do not like the super lightweight, portable basketball hoops can check out Lifetime 52-inch portable hoop. The portable basketball hoop from Lifetime is foldable. So, you can fold it and take it with you on road trips or for picnics.


  • Big Backboard with 52-inch size.
  • Adjustable Height feature from 7 feet to 12 feet.
  • Stainless Steel Pole for Strength.


  • No Product Warranty from the Brand.
  • Complicated Assembly of this Hoop. No User Manual.

Lifetime 51544 Front Court Portable Basketball Hoop

The Lifetime is dominating this list of Top selling Portable basketball hoops 2018. The Lifetime 51544 Front Court Portable basketball hoop is another addition to this list of outstanding basketball hoops. The 50 inches backboard, which is made of solid stainless steel provides ultimate support to the entire system.

The height adjust ability feature is the main attraction of this fantastic basketball hoop. The height of this portable basketball hoop can be adjusted from the 8 feet to 11 feet easily. The entire product exterior is coated with the porcelain powder, which makes it shiny, rust proof and fire resistant.


  • Large 50 inches Stainless Steel Backboard for Ultimate Support.
  • Adjustable Height from 8 Feet to 11 Feet.
  • Five years Brand Warranty for Any Mishap.


  • Complicated assembly process. The absence of Clear Instructions in User Manual.

Lifetime 71524 XL Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Looking for a super portable basketball hoop system which you can carry in your hands? Well, the Lifetime 71524 XL is the one for your desire. The Lifetime 71524 XL height adjustable portable basketball hoop can be easily carried anywhere and set up on any surface. This is a perfect on-the-go basketball hoop in the market.

The Lifetime 71524 XL Height adjustable hoop has a large 54-inch backboard, which comes with shatter guard covering. And also, the adjustable height feature is worth mentioning. The height of this portable basketball hoop is adjustable from the 7 feet to 10.5 feet easily. You can attach this Portable basketball hoop system to the wall or even set it up in indoor stadiums and enjoy the basketball games with your friends.


  • High-Quality Material Used in Manufacturing this Basketball Hoop.
  • Suitable for All Age Groups.
  • Adjustable Height from 7 Feet 10.5 Feet.


  • Super Hard assembly process. No useful User manual Present.

SKLZ Pro Mini Super Portable Basketball System

The SKLZ Pro Mini is one of the best portable basketball hoop systems you’ll find every find. This is the most beautiful basketball hoop system I’ve ever seen in the markets. Well, this portable basketball hoop can be taken anywhere to play as it is super compact and also lightweight. You can make this portable hoop for playing basketball on lawn, gardens, swimming pools and even in the road trips.  The SKLZ Pro Mini basketball hoop is an all-in-one package for professional and non-professional players. This portable basketball hoop system comes with the shatterproof basketball backboard, which is made with the high-grade plastic and has dimensions of 33 inches by 22 inches.

Also, the Stainless Steel pole, which supports the height adjustability from 7.5 feet to 12.5 feet easily. The weighted base is also the critical feature to note in the system. The weighted base comes with the Wheel trolley, which is detachable and also allows users to move the entire system from one place to another.


  • Well built Portable Basketball hoop with high-quality materials.
  • Height adjustability feature available.
  • Super affordable price tag.


  • No Reported Cons for this Portable Basketball Hoop System.


Junior Portable Basketball System Hoop

Do you have any children who are above three year age? If yes, then the Junior Portable Basketball hoop stand for kids is the best option to consider. The Junior Portable Basketball hoop is manufactured by taking kids above three years age into consideration.

The Junior Portable Basketball hoop comes with the 14 inches backboard, which has some funny and playful designs on it. The Junior basketball hoop stand supports height adjustability feature and can be adjusted up to 5.5 feet easily. As this is the portable basketball hoop for kids, you cannot expect more height adjustment option. The best thing I found about this Junior Portable Basketball hoop is that it is made with the harmless materials. So, your kids will not play with any harmful material like hazardous plastic or paint coating.


  • 100% safe for Kids. No harmful chemical/plastic/coating material used.
  • Small and highly mobile basketball hoop for kids.


  • The use is limited to kids above three years of age. Not for adults.

Step 2 Shootin’ Junior Basketball Set

We’ve covered the Best portable basketball hoop system for kids; now it’s time to wrap the best portable basketball hoop for toddlers. The Step 2 Shootin’ Junior Basketball set is the best one for your toddler child. He/she will enjoy playing with this short, sweet, colourful and portable basketball hoop system set.

The Step 2 Shootin’ Junior basketball set comes with the small backboard, which is attached to the plastic rim and all-weather net. The base of this basketball set is pretty massive and makes it stay on the ground. The best thing about this basketball hoop is that it comes with the wheelset attached to the base. So, your kid can take this to anywhere he wants in the home or garden.


  • Super small and Sweet Basketball Hoop for Toddlers.
  • Made with the High-Quality non-hazardous material.
  • Entire Plastic assembly and comes pre assembled.


  • No cons reported by users. Playable age can be a CON for some people.

Final Words  | Best Portable Basketball Hoops for Sale 2018

Shortlisting the best basketball hoop is a tedious task for us too. But we did manage to collect the best portable basketball hoops list for your convenience. These are the top 10 mobile basketball hoops that you can purchase from any online marketplace. We’ve added the links to Amazon for your convenience. You can also search best portable basketball hoops on Amazon or any other favourite online market.

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