Understanding Basketball- The Positions and the Rules

If you have always admired basket ball and would like to be among the best basketball players, you fires need to understand that basic of the game. There are usually five players in a team per game and each one of them has their role to play. Sometimes, the players can play more than one role at a time because due to the nature of the game where players need to be on the move, they need to be flexible. Below is each position explained.

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The center is usually the tallest player positioned nearest to the basket because he must be able to go for the rebounds. The center is also required to be very domineering with more physical strength as well as overall athleticism.

The offensive-the goal of the center is to shoot and open for a pass. Their job is to block defenders and open other players up in order to drive the ball to a goal. These players are also expected to get some offensive rebounds as well as up-backs. They need to be very good at making hook shots, jump shots and using the backboard.

Defensive-Their goal is to keep the opponents from shooting by blocking their passes and shots. They are expected go get more rebounds as well due to their height.

Power Forward

There are the next tallest guys and are usually closest to the center in terms of playing style and physical attributes but they are required to have more speed. They play under the hoop or in the corner and wings area. They are required to be very strong and must be effective rebounders or inside shooters. The power forward should also be able to shoot further than the center.

Small Forward

This position has a lot of responsibility and they need to be some of the best basketball players because apart from being able to play inside, play like the centers and as the power forwards, they should be able to guard as well. Small forwards are required to be the second or third best shooters because they play the defensive roles as well.

Shooting guard

The shooting guard is usually the shortest in the team but is required to be the best dribbler who has court vision by seeing the court. It is their responsibility to bring the ball down the court and set up offensive plays. This is the players that take the most shots and is requires to be an accurate shooter from three-point range.

Point guards

This role needs the best ball handler, passer, and dribbler because they handle the ball the most. They are the ones who bring the ball down the court and initiate the offensive plays. The point guard can also be the shortest in the team because they use intelligence and court vision to coordinate the teammates on offense.


If you understand this and know the position where you belong, you are bound to able among the best basketball players.

Mack Stevenson

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