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Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball Review: Updated 2022

Looking for a new basketball but don’t know if the Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Ball is the right basketball for you or not?

Then you are in the right place. This in-depth review of the Wilson Evolution is put together after taking into consideration not just our test results over the last 5 months, but also user reviews on forums, YouTube, Amazon, etc.

And it takes into account various factors like Grip, Durability, bounce, etc. So let’s get bouncin’ and tell you if this basketball is worth your money in 2022.

In-Depth Review of the Wilson Evolution Indoor Ball


The last thing you want when playing basketball is the ball to slip out of your hands every time you or your teammates receive the ball, right? Well, the Wilson ball saves you from that embarrassment.

But how?

Well, unlike the cheaper basketballs on the market that comes with eight oblong panels, this baby is covered with a Microfiber Composite.

This means there are two interlocking, cross-shaped panels that ensure any moisture is wicked away quickly and the ball does not slip even with the sweatiest of hands whether you are receiving a pass, doing tricks, running with the ball.

Further adding to the control and grip is the textured finish. This is one of the reasons Wilson basketballs are popular amongst both professionals and amateurs.

But it’s not the only reason.


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