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Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball Review: Updated 2022

​As a basketball player, you probably know all too well how it feels when you have to play a pick-up game with a ball that just doesn’t feel right. Sometimes a ball could either be too rubbery or too slick or worse inconsistent with its bounce and all these just ruins the game. A great ball needs to have the right grip balance and at the same time still maintain a smooth feel. There is no way all the famous basketball players became so good at what they did by playing with a sub-par ball, great ballers require to have the right outdoor basketball because they can use it to play their best A-game. When it comes to basketball, the ball makes all the difference and it could make or break a game and a player as well. This is why you cannot go wrong with the Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball because it is one of the top-rated basketball.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball

The best outdoor basketballs are those that are usually made of composite leather or synthetic leather materials because they are the best type. While genuine leather balls are definitely the best material there is for a basketball, it is usually best suited for indoors and not designed for outdoors. Genuine leather cannot endure asphalt or concrete for long and hence would need to be replaced very often. However, Composite leather, like the one the Wilson Replica basketball is made of is a very good quality material for outdoors and it does an incredible job simulating the feel of genuine leather. As a matter of fact, you might not be able to tell so easily if the ball is made of genuine leather or composite leather because it is of very high quality.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball Benefits

The Wilson Replica basketball is a top-rated basketball, to begin with, because it is made of composite leather. This means that it is a high-quality basketball that can be used for indoor as well as outdoor games. It is a replica of the official NCAA game ball and this means that you will get a great ball but at a lower price than you would for the original version.

Composite leather has some benefits as that with the Wilson Replica; it is moisture absorbing that will sure give you a great game. It has patented composite laid in channels and comes with a patented cushion core technology for the ultimate grip. The composite leather is also very versatile and unlike leather, it will not need to be broken in once you buy it. As soon as you unwrap it you can proceed with your game.

Wilson NCAA Replica Game Basketball Features

  • Wilson’s #1 selling composite basketball
  • An indoor and outdoor basketball
  • ​Patented composite laid-in channels
  • ​Patented cushion core technology
  • ​Replica of the official NCAA game ball
  • Moisture absorbing composite leather

Customer satisfaction

When looking at a ​Top-rated basketball, you need to consider its overall performance and according to customer reviews, when dribbling the Wilson replica basketball, it performs very consistently. The grip is also among one of the most important features of any basketball because players want to be able to palm the ball and this ball provides are a very good grip.

With the proper amount of grip, players are able to hold the ball during the game. The feel is also another quality you should not overlook because the feel of the ball makes dribbling and control quite effortless. The Wilson replica ball has a good balance between cushion and stability giving the ball a great feel.

One of the best things about the Wilson Replica basketball is that it is very durable and will last very long under normal regular play. Generally, this is a ball that will last you a long time. The ball is also priced very reasonably and for the cost, it is quite worth it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

This ball handles the court very well and can handle vigorous games as well. It has the perfect grip, the perfect feel and is made of very durable materials. It is an adult size ball that has just the right weight to make playing easy and fun at the same time.

Some customers, however, have issued complaints that it loses air too fast and they have to keep pumping it up. Others have also said that the ball collects dirt easily although that is nothing to worry about.

Common Questions Asked

Q. How does the Wilson replica ball compare to the Evolution ball when it comes to grip and feels?

A. The Wilson is a bit tougher than the Evolution even though not as soft and it gets quite slick after some use.

Q. What is the size of the ball?

A. 29.5”

Q. Does the material get ripped fast?

A. No, the construction is very good and it holds up well

Q. How good is the ball when it comes to outdoors on a scale of 1 to 10?

A. Most players have said this is a great ball and have scaled it with a 10

Final Determination

The Wilson Replica ball is a good basketball to buy because apart from being an outdoor basketball it is also an indoor basketball and you can play with it wherever you choose.


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